What Legal Highs Do?

Legal highs – as the term suggests – are a perfectly lawful alternative to drugs which have been branded as illegal. Another advantage they have over the illegal variety is that because they can be bought from legitimate vendors they tend to be pure and not adulterated by harmful products. This is not usually the case with illegal substances, where dangerous ingredients are often added to further boost profits.

So what do legal highs do for the vendor?  Most legal highs are produced from herbs and herbal blends which initiate a feeling of natural euphoria and increased energy. The euphoria is quite different from that gained from alcohol, which is also legal, or marijuana, which remains illegal in the United Kingdom. This is one of the reasons why legal highs are so popular at raves and parties.

The feeling one gets from the products depends on what is taken. Different herbs and herbal extracts produce different responses. The big difference with many illegal drugs is that the legal highs tend to be made out of completely natural products. However, some should be avoided at all costs. These include party pills containing such substances as TMFPP and BZP, which are especially dangerous when taken with alcoholic drinks.

When using legal highs it is always advisable to take them safely. A good example of this is those herbal products which can be smoked. While they can be smoked in roll-up form by using a Rizla rolling machine, the fact is that the smoke, as with tobacco products, can be hazardous to health. A safer alternative is to use a vaporizer such as a Volcano vaporizer solid valve or Volcano vaporizer easy valve. Used in conjunction with Volcano vaporizer bags, these enable the fumes to be inhaled, giving the user a safer legal high.

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